Wake up while there is time

Today, when I was returning to my city, I was surprised with a message from "Whats app" saying that a close friend had suffered a terrible car accident: her car had hit with a truck and overturned four times. When I read the message I thought it was a lie or a bad joke, but it was real. At that moment, thousands of thoughts went through my mind, like all I had said or failed to say to her, all that once I learned in church and I never had the courage to share openly.
So I felt a tremendous guilt above my shoulders, because I desperately thought, what if she dies? What will be her fate? And I kept the key to myself and never showed to her which door she should enter.
Fortunately, she's alive and suffered minor injuries, but my heart is still tight and I feel choked, because I understand that this was a sign from God. First for her, which the meaning I can not say for sure, but it sounded like a "Remember Me and my ways because the time is ending" and then to me, reminding me that every time we find ourselves too busy to speak of the Gospel is a chance that we lost for people to receive salvation.
So the message I leave is: do not waste time. Sometimes we get worried too much about our work, with our service on church, with our daily tasks, to be well dressed and the truth is that none of these things will make any difference to God if we are not fulfilling the mission assigned to us: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15) and “That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3:15), and this "go" does not refer to other countries and nations only, but to our family, our work, people who are part of our circle of friends and relationships, the people we met in line at the bakery shop, on the bus, etc. We all need salvation, or we all will perish. Remember that from the moment you met the gospel, you became a representative of God himself on earth, an ambassador of Christ and your role is to represent the Kingdom and proclaim the Truth.
You are not here to be promoted or loved by everyone, you have a mission, so do not lose yourself in the middle of the way. The message can be tough, but the price paid was also.

Wake up while there is time.

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